Peripheral vascular disease 


Peripheral vascular disease (PVD) is caused by the hardening of the arteries and is a disorder that occurs in the arteries of the circulatory system that carry blood from the heart to all parts of the body. PVD occurs in the arteries that carry blood to the arms and legs and can result in gangrene and amputation of toes or the leg.

周围血管疾病 (PVD) 是由冠状动脉硬化所引起的。从心脏发送到身体各部位的血液循环系统的动脉硬化阻塞产生的障碍。PVD 常出现于输送血液到手臂和腿的动脉。

Healthy arteries have a smooth lining that prevents blood from clotting and promotes steady blood flow. In PVD, the arteries slowly become narrowed when plaque gradually forms inside the artery walls. Plaque is made of excessive fat, cholesterol and other substances floating through the bloodstream. When arteries become narrowed, blood cannot get through to thus causing damage to tissues and eventually tissue death.

健康动脉会防止血液凝固和促进稳定血流量。PVD病患 ,动脉已慢慢变狭窄,动脉壁内部逐步形成斑块。斑块是由血液中过多的脂肪、 胆固醇和其他物质沉积导致。当动脉变窄时,血液无法通过,从而导致组织损坏和死亡。

Noticeable symptom of PVD may be leg discomfort, pain or cramping that develops with activity, is relieved with rest, and recurs upon resuming activity. The pain is often noticed in the calf, but may also be felt in the buttocks or thighs. Intermittent symptoms may also include numbness, weakness, heaviness or fatigue in the leg muscles when walking that are relieved at rest.

PVD 明显症状包括活动时腿部不适、 疼痛或抽筋,休息时症状减轻,恢复活动后症状再次出现。痛楚经常发生在小腿,臀部或大腿部位。间歇性症状还可能包括行走时腿部肌肉麻木,乏力,沉重或疲劳,处于静止状态时症状则减轻。

Other symptoms of advanced PVD may include: 后期 PVD 的其他症状可能包括:

  • A burning or aching pain in the feet and toes while resting, especially at night while lying flat
  • Cool skin in the feet
  • Redness or other color changes of the skin
  • Increased occurrence of infection
  • Toe and foot sores that do not heal
  • Many people with PVD do not have any symptoms.






There is a higher risk of developing PVD when one or more of these risk factors are present:
以下为有较高风险发展 PVD 的风险因素:

  • Smoking 抽烟
  • Diabetes 糖尿病
  • Age: In the United States, people aged 50 and older have an increased risk for PVD 年龄50 岁以上的人
  • History of heart or blood vessel disease: A personal or family history of heart or blood vessel disease may be an indicator for PVD 个人或家庭心脏病或血管疾病的历史可能有增加PVD的风险
  • High blood pressure (hypertension) 高血压
  • High cholesterol (hyperlipidemia) 高胆固醇 (高脂血症)




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