Vein Related


Vein related diseases include;
On average Varicose veins affect one of every fifteen men and one of every five women. Common signs are sensations of leg heaviness, burning, aching, muscle cramps, restlessness and night discomfort. Contributing factors include; pregnancy, trauma, obesity, aging, excessive heat, prolonged standing, constricting garments (girdles), and disorders of the lower limbs and feet. If left unattended these can lead to complications such as phlebitis, hemorrhage, bruising, eczema, or skin ulcers.

静脉曲张平均影响每十五名男子之一及每五位女性之一。常见的迹象是腿沉重、烧热感、 疼痛、 肌肉痉挛、 烦躁不安和夜晚不舒服的感觉。因素,包括 ;怀孕、 创伤、 肥胖、 老化、 过热、 长时间的站立、 制约服装 (控制) 和下肢或脚障碍。如果忽略了,这些可能会导致并发症,如静脉炎、 出血、 擦伤、 湿疹、 或皮肤溃疡。

Spider veins are the small, thread-like colored veins that are most often seen on the surface of the skin. They look unsightly and cause pain. They can be treated by sclerotherapy and laser.

激光治疗 和 静脉注射 硬化剂

Varicose veins are the large, "rope-like" veins which are often ¼" or larger in diameter. Varicose veins generally grow in size over time and can result in substantial pain and complications if not treated. Depending on the type and severity many treatments can be offered, initial assessment is by duplex (ultrasound and color Doppler) scanning.. The superficial saphenous venous system is evaluated using an ultrasound system for the presence of reflux and deep venous system is screened for possible thrombosis. Personalized treatments are than customized according to the ultrasound findings.

静脉曲张是大型的"绳样"脉,通常是 ¼寸或更大直径。静脉曲张一般的大小随时间增长,如果不治疗可能会导致痛楚和并发症。取决于类型和严重性,可以考虑多种治疗法,初步是通过扫描双面打印 (超声及彩色多普勒)来评估大隐静脉系统,和使用超声系统进行计算反流的存在和深静脉系统血栓形成的可能性。根据超声测量的结果来提供个别治疗方法。






At KL Vein and Vascular Centre, we are committed to keeping you looking and feeling your best!
在 KL 静脉中心,我们将致力于让你感觉最好。

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