Haemorriod (Piles) Laser Treatment


If you have haemorrhoids, one way that you can get rid of them is with haemorrhoid laser treatment. The treatment is quite simple with a beam of light used to shrink the haemorrhoids from inside the tissue. This leaves you haemorrhoid free without having to undergo any major surgery. Additionally, with haemorrhoid laser treatment there is little to no bleeding because the laser also does an excellent job in cauterizing the area.

Since haemorrhoid laser treatment does not require any incisions, the recovery time is much quicker. This makes it easier for people to get back to both their normal life and normal diet. Surgery is quick and after the procedures there are no stitches that need to be removed either. Most people who undergo haemorrhoid laser treatment comment that they were happy with the end result. 如果你有痔疮,其中一个摆脱他们的方式是用最先进的激光治疗痔疮。 治疗的方法相当简单,用像铅笔尖一样大小的激光光纤,开一个小洞引导激光到痔疮组织内部烧灼收缩痔疮内部细胞。这会让痔疮逐渐收缩,在四到六星期内完全收缩,而无需进行任何切割重大的手术。此外,激光治疗痔疮只微量出血。







At KL Vein and Vascular Centre, we are committed to keeping you looking and feeling your best!
在 KL 静脉中心,我们将致力于让你感觉最好。

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