Vein Disease Treatments 


Vein Stripping 静脉切除手术 (静脉剥离

Vein stripping procedure is carried out to relieve pain and improve circulation through the venous system by reducing venous pressure and removing unsightly veins.. This procedure is done under general or local anesthetic and the surgery involves making one micro incision in the groin a stripper is inserted up to the knee and through another tiny incision the vein is stripped, more micro incisions are made to remove veins below the knee. There are barely visible scars that fade away within 3-6 months in the majority of patients.
静脉切除手术(静脉剥离)以减轻静脉压力与痛楚和消除不好看的静脉。手术需要局部或全身麻醉。手术涉及一个或多个微小切口剥离静脉。多数患者的疤痕在 3-6 个月内会逐渐消,有的几乎觉察不到疤痕。

Endovenous Laser Therapy (EVLT)  微创腔激光治疗 (腔内激光)

An alternative to vein stripping EVLT therapy has been developed to treat chronic vein problems by delivering laser energy through a small puncture in the leg. With EVLT therapy, no surgery is required, and the procedure can be completed in a short time. Although individual responses vary, most people report little or no pain associated with this procedure and clinical results have shown overall success rate of greater than 98%.
微创静脉腔内激光治疗法是通过一个小穿口通过细小的激光光纤刺导入适量激光能量导致静脉收缩和密封。腔内激光治疗手术是不需开刀而手术过程时间短。虽然个人反应各不相同,但大多数人报告很少或没有疼痛和临床结果显示整体成功率超过 98%。

Sclerotherapy   静脉注射( 硬化剂

In Sclerotherapy a series of sclerosant medication injections are made into spider veins and minor varicose veins. Sclerosant causes the vessel lining to become sticky and this coming together of the vessel lining is further promoted through the use of external compression via taping cotton balls. The overall effect is to seal the vein which is reabsorbed by the body through the healing process and the vein is not longer visible.
静脉注射( 硬化剂 - 将液体或泡沫注入静脉,造成静脉壁粘在一起,密封关闭。由人体通过愈合过程吸收静脉,静脉久而久之消失。

Mini-Phlebectomy 静脉切除迷你术 (静脉剥离)

Mini-phlebectomy is a procedure which is performed under local anesthesia. It allows removing bulging varicose veins through micro-incisions that usually require no stitches and virtually leave no scars. Mini-phlebectomy is used for the veins too big to be closed down with sclerotherapy. This procedure is very well tolerated causes only minor discomfort and provides very good cosmetic results. Patient can return to his daily activities (except vigorous exercises) immediately after procedure is done. Mini-phlebectomy is often performed in conjunction with Endovenous Laser Treatment.
静脉切除迷你术 (静脉剥离)是在局部麻醉下时执行,通常不需要缝针,几乎无疤痕。用于因静脉太大而不适于经脉注射的个案。此手术只轻微不适,通常有很好的美容效果。手术完成后病人可以立即返回日常活动 (除了剧烈运动)。静脉切除迷你术迷你经常联合与腔内激光治疗一起进行。

Compression stocking   加压袜

Despite the fact it does not eliminate the veins, it will nevertheless help to reduce symptoms causing by varicose veins and slow down the progression. It is especially useful where sclerotherapy and surgery are not options due to various reasons.

4 layer bandaging   4 层压缩

This is a special dressing used alone or in conjunction with stripping and endovenous laser and can heal ulcers that have been present for years.







At KL Vein and Vascular Centre, we are committed to keeping you looking and feeling your best!
在 KL 静脉中心,我们将致力于让你感觉最好。

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