KL Vein & Vascular Centre


Treatment Results

Welcome to KL Vein Centre


Minimally invasive laser treatment
for varicose veins
  Fast and effective laser surgery to treat hemorrhoids

Video Brief
First the legs are cleaned with brown antiseptic solution (iodine). A guide wire and needle is inserted from the ankle while a plastic sheath covers the guide wire. Under Ultrasonic guidance the laser fibre with the flashing light is inserted and pushed up to the groin. Local anaesthetic is injected to protect the skin and compress the vein. The laser fibre is slowly withdrawn while an assistant compresses the vein. The procedure is repeated for the other leg and the time for this procedure is 30 minutes per leg.

  Video Brief
There are dilated veins inside the anus and can cause bleeding can prolapse or 'come out' of the anus. We offer state-of-the-art treatment with virtually pain free treatment using laser.



At KL Vein and Vascular Centre, we are committed to keeping you looking and feeling your best!
在 KL 静脉中心,我们将致力于让你感觉最好。

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